Vancouver Island Restaurant Review(7): Tomo Sushi

In continuation with our "52 VI Restaurants in 365 Days" project, I need to mention this small but important sushi place in central Nanaimo. Tomo Sushi To Go is a must visit if you enjoy fresh delicious sushi at a cheap price. I've been frequenting this place for the past two years now and I am not kidding when I say I have never been disappointed!

Tomo Sushi is located at 1808 Bowen Road, near Tim Horton's on Bowen. It's small inside with only a few seats at the sushi bar and a couple tiny round tables. People do come and eat inside but generally it is a take-out sushi place. You have the option of purchasing assorted pre-made sushi rolls (california, dynamite, smoked salmon, yam, etc). If you're looking for more of a combo or take-out platter there is also a large assortment of both. I am partial to the Spicy Roll combo

A perfect combination of scallop, salmon and tuna rolls slathered in spicy japanese mayo. 18 pieces for 13.99 is an awesome deal and it's usually our go-to roll. I come in and the chef is done making it under 4 minutes. We also tried the Hockey Night platter (makes a great addition to any dinner party or potluck) it's 56 pieces of sushi for 26.99 (california, dynamite, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy scallop and kappa maki a cucumber roll).

The prices are very affordable and the sushi is always freshly made, and most importantly Tomo Sushi may very well have some of the best customer service going - I've never waited long, even when ordering a platter to go. You are always greeted with a friendly hello and a smile. Tomo makes quality food at a great price and they also make the customer feel appreciated, I will continue to visit this place on a somewhat regular basis and I highly suggest it for anyone that enjoys sushi!

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