Vancouver Island Musician: Keisja Cox

Keisja Cox hails from beautiful Courtenay, Keisja has always shown an innate musicality, expressing her love for music even in her earliest childhood. At the age of 10, Keisja was among the winners of Valley Idol Season 3, a talent competition held in Courtenay, BC. Included in her prize was an opportunity to showcase her talent at VIMBC, a music business conference that introduced Keisja to other artists, music industry panelists, and those who have made music their career.

I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Keisja via a quick e-mail interview that you can read below, also you can connect with Keisja via Facebook or follow her on twitter: @KeisjaCox.

Keisja also has a CD release party coming up Oct.11 - Please support local music and go check her out or purchase a CD!


1.Q: Hi Keisja, when did you first become interested in being a singer/songwriter and where are you from?

A: Hi! I’m from Courtenay, B.C. I first knew that I wanted to become a singer/songwriter when I was one of the winners of a singing contest in my hometown called Valley Idol when I was 10. Ever since then, I have been writing and composing my own music and performing.

2.Q: Your songs incorporate social awareness; e.i Purple Ribbon song: Tell us why you created this song?

A: Well, I wrote a song about a bullying program called the W.I.T.S (Walk Away, Ignore It, Talk It Out, Seek Help) song and after I wrote that song, I did some research on what made a person a bully. I came across a campaign in my hometown called The “Purple Ribbon” campaign which brought awareness to domestic violence. I thought that, if someone was getting bullied in their own home, that victim of bullying could potentially become a bully outside of the home as well.

3.Q: What has been your most memorable performance to date?

A: My most memorable performance has to be the Country Music Festival, Sunfest in Duncan B.C. I performed at Sunfest on August 2nd and I had the most greatest time performing and watching all of the other artists perform as well!

4.Q: You opened for Stef Lang (another Vancouver Island musician) how was that experience?

A: That was an amazing experience! I love Stef Lang’s music and I’ve gotten to meet and talk to her a couple times and she is super sweet! It was such an honor to open for her.

5.Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: I definitely see myself continuing my music career but there are also a lot of other things I would like to do or try when I’m older.

6:Q: What do you do for fun?

A: Of course, I love to play guitar, sing and write songs, But other than that, I love to hang out with friends, play volleyball and basketball, listen to music and draw!


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