Vancouver Island Outdoor Places: Little Qualicum Falls

Little Qualicum Falls straddle the little Qualicum River and incorporates the entire southern shore of Cameron Lake. It highlights a gorgeous waterfall cascading down a rocky gorge in a lovely forested setting, it is one of the most beautiful places on Vancouver Island.

Photo and article By ""David Hillier Photography"""
As I reach the stop sign at the bottom of the hill from my house I am faced with either turning left and heading north or right and heading south.

About 40 min later I arrive at the parking lot of Little Qualicum Falls.

With 6km of walking trails that are well laid out, maintained, and marked, and with many of the steeper sections either stepped or with stairs even those who are not so sure footed should not have to much difficulty
as you wander your way through both old and new growth forest exploring.

As you follow the looping trail on the high banks above the river ( chain link fenced all the way) it works its way to both the lower and upper falls and offers some beautiful and inspiring views of Mother nature at her finest. Once you get to the upper falls there are many viewing points for one to see the falls and I highly recommend that you work your way to as many as you can to
view the falls from all angles! The lower falls can be best viewed from the bridge as you cross the river at the bottom of the looped trail. There are picnic areas allowing for gatherings of friends, family, and food. Some areas are wheelchair accessible as well, and there are facilities for all when "nature calls"

So if you're looking for a good afternoon outing I suggest you do as I did and turn left at the stop sign and go north on highway #19 and take the exit to highway #4 heading towards Port Alberni and then look for signs. Once you are there, plan on the kids and the kids at heart on having a great time. Enjoy!

photo & article submitted by David Hillier Photography


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