Haunted Places on Vancouver Island.

 I have always been somewhat intrigued by the paranormal, so in celebration of Halloween this is a list of some of the most haunted places on Vancouver Island! Feel free to add more to the list by commenting! Have a fun and safe Halloween! 

Old Stone Butter Church in the Cowichan Valley
McPherson Playhouse (Victoria) - The ghost of the gray lady haunted the theatre. Several performers have seen her floating back and forth across the balcony in front of the projection booth. 

Ross Bay Cemetery (Victoria) - Strange happenings have occurred at any time of day. There have been sightings of people weeping in grief and then suddenly disappearing! 

Old Stone Butter Church (Duncan) - The haunted church has a rich oral history. This was captured in 1931 with a report in "Ripley's Believe It or Not" They described "The church of no services...in which no congregation has ever gathered." According to Ripley, "the Indians will not go near (it) because all those who actually built it died mysteriously."

Mount Tzouhalem (Duncan) - Apparition believed to be “Chief Tzouhalem” is reported. Some report “creepy” feelings of being watched on mountain and by church.

Black Nugget Museum (Ladysmith) Poltergeist activity. Medium has claimed that spirit is of the First Nations woman whose remains are in museum. 

Beban House (Nanaimo) 

 Qualicum Heritage Inn (Qualicum) - Apparitions and poltergeist activity.

Heriot Bay Inn (Quadra Island) -  Apparition and poltergeist activity believed to be a murdered logger.

Old House Restaurant (Courtney) - Poltergeist activity. Owners believe it’s a maid named “Nina.”

Schooner Restaurant (Tofino) - Apparition and “quirky” or strange incidents. Believed to be the ghost of a chef named “Morris Shank.” According to book, building was part of military hospital then was Masonic Lodge. Was only restaurant until the 80s.



Shanon S said…
Great list! I never knew about the church in Duncan! A lot of the same sites but you might be interested in the list I made... though it's a lot more cluttered! http://livinglibraryblog.com/?p=899
s. said…
Wow your list is very extensive! Awesome.
scott simmons said…
Harbour house on salt spring is haunted it is build on site of old Indian graves owner in 70s was shot and his ghost roams the place at night. Like you blog cheers scott saltspringre
Unknown said…
Don't forget about the Maritime Museum in Bastion Square! As a former employee there, I have experienced it first hand and it's creepy! :D
Anonymous said…
Used to live across the street from the Black Nugget Museum in Ladysmith and go there lots when I was a teen. It always gave me goosebumps going there!
Anonymous said…
Chemainus Saltair on seacloud rd.. my whole family died living in the house and me and my sister lived there and we would always experience paranormal activity. . From the furnace making a 'banging' sound in the middle of the night to the roof banging like it sounded like it was caving in and nothing had actually happened.. to seeing figures over our beds while we were sleeping, we have had many mediums come into the home and they all said its our family members communicating with us but we recently sold the house so good luck to the new owners!!
Anonymous said…
Horseshoe bay hotel/bar in Chemainus is definitely haunted. I worked there and out of no where coffee mugs would go flying across the room, guests of the hotel would complain of a piano playing in the middle of the night but there was no piano anywhere in the building, and staff have seen cats and people walk through the bar only to disappear through walls. Definitely the most haunted place in town

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