Photo Of The Day: Northern Alligator Lizard

a baby Northern Alligator Lizard

      We've spotted deer, bear, elk and even owls on our many hikes but never have I come across this creature. It has been identified as a Northern Alligator Lizard. Though usually very elusive, this little guy darted across the road as we were hiking up near the Harewood Plains. 

  • There is a fold of skin running down each side, this allows the body to expand while breathing, eating or full of eggs. 
  • They grow to a maximum of 20 cm
  • If caught these lizards can "release" (autotomize) their tails. This is to act as a decoy to predators and over time a smaller tail will grow in it's place.
  • In the winter they hibernate in underground dens
  • Females give birth to 4-6 lives young between August and September.


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