Help Find Emma Fillipoff (Victoria)

I am hoping as a community we can all rally together and find Emma safe and sound, the following information is from the Help Find Emma Fillipoff Facebook Page.

 If you know ANYTHING or have seen anyone that might fit Emma's description please contact the police ASAP.  

- Emma was last seen in the immediate vicinity of the Empress hotel between 7:30-8:30 on November 28th
- Her red Mazda MPV 1993 van was found in the Chateau Victoria parking lot, with all her belongings in it, including her passport, laptop, and recently-borrowed library books (It was NOT a white van as previously believed)
- In emotional distress; fragile and vulnerable.
- No involvement with drugs or alcohol.

- Not living on the street.
- No criminal record
- Possible smoker.
- No prior history of vanishing
- Visited Central library almost daily
- She loves animals and children. May have taken care of an elderly woman at one time. Known to be a very giving person.
- Known to have spent hours talking to the homeless
- Very artistic, dreamy, sensitive
- Shy, quiet temperment.
- Loves the outdoors (camping, walking, parks, ocean, etc.)
- Would rather spend time in the forest than a club. Would rather read a book than watch TV.
- Vegan; possible eating disorder
- Wears dresses. Has been seen wearing camouflage pants and carrying an orange purse.
- Wore a hat more often than not.

Age: 26 but looks 18-20
Height: 5'5
Weight: 90-110 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Mostly blonde, some hints of brown and very long (past waist). It could be braided into pigtails, or up in a bun. She likes to wear knitted hats.
Striking features: Her laugh / smile, her tan complexion, her unusually long hair
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Necklace/jewellery: Unknown

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call 911 or Victoria police non-emergency 1-250-995-7654.

From the family: "Emma, if you're reading this, please just let someone know you're safe."


Sharon said…
Emma's hair is darker in the more recent posters of her so take a good look at the new photos and please remember that beautiful face. $25,000 REWARD. Thank you!
Bludshotiiiiis said…
also of note is the orange purse she was carrying.
Bludshotiiiiis said…
it sounds like she often spoke with street people in the downtown so if none of them have come forward with a sighting it makes me believe she is no longer in Victoria.With the reward offered surely one of them would have stepped up. She may have cut her hair off to change her appearance and is using a different name. It's pretty hard to remain in hiding in a place like Victoria for any length of time and now its been over a year since her disappearance. All I can think is somebody she's met on the streets or in the library has taken her in and is helping her get treatment.I do understand that she got a taxi to the airport at 6:10pm but then got out perhaps because it was too expensive? Then the police interview in front of the Empress and then she vanished (although I read somewhere she had spoken with somebody on the streets after the interview-have they come forward with any details?)I sure hope she reappears as she seems like a very nice person.Anybody still searching in Victoria?

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