Restaurant Review(10): Bayshore Restaurant & Patio (Nanaimo)

 Our "52 Vancouver Island Restaurant Reviews" in 365 days project is still going strong! We decided to check out the new Bayshore Restaurant & Patio which makes up the Marinaside Resort, Nanaimo's finest accommodation on the waterfront.

 We stopped in on a slow Sunday and the parking lot was relatively empty at 1240 Stewart Ave, but I wasn't complaining because that meant service would most likely be quick and prompt. From the outside I wouldn't have guessed this building was a restaurant, but we were pleasantly surprised by the sophisticated decor and pleasant atmosphere. There was a table of 4 seated in the restaurant and us. We thought their lounge area was appealing to the eye with an electric fireplace blazing in the background. We sat near a window (which would have been nicer during the day) which overlooks the marina. I highly suggest going here during day light so you can view the lovely Nanaimo harbour. 

Hot wings ($11.95)
  We were hungry and wasted no time ordering drinks and appies. No craft beer on the menu (hopefully this changes in the future) but your typical Budweiser, Lucky and various martinis were present. Our hot wings arrived quick and piping hot (and flavoured perfectly!). So far so good. Now I'm not one to complain about music being too loud in a restaurant but I did not think the country music playing matched the clientele that they appeared to be trying to appeal to. Bayshore Restaurant has a modern lounge feel. I felt as though there was a disconnect to what type of customer they were trying to appeal to (I believe some contemporary jazz or blues would have been more suited). The country music was just throwing the vibe off for me, but it's a rather minor thing in the grand scheme of things. 

 For an entree I chose the Island Chicken Wrap with charbroiled chicken, fresh spinach, black beans, roasted corn, basmati rice, chipotle aioli, and a blend of mozzarella/cheddar cheeses.
 I chose the usual yammer fries as a side. The food all arrived prompt, hot and fresh. Our waitress was friendly, polite and attentive. The prices were average for the portions (which were perfect in my opinion).

Island Chicken Wrap ($13.95)

 We did enjoy our visit to the Bayshore Restaurant & Patio, but we will have to return during the day time when the sun is out so we can take in the amazing view of the harbour. Hopefully they've decided to nix the country music by then (hahaha). All in all though I would recommend a visit, I think this place has great potential! Cheers and happy eating :) 

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