Top 4 Outdoor Recreation Activities

 Vancouver Island is blessed with the mildest climate in Canada, therefore allowing it to be a mecca of year round outdoor recreation activities. Victoria in particular has an average daily temperature for December January and February of 5.5C. Many people living on Vancouver Island have had the pleasure of enjoying a morning on the mountain skiing, then enjoying a round of golf in the afternoon. In no particular order we have compiled a list of the most popular outdoor recreation activities on Vancouver Island (most can be enjoyed year round!)

Cape Scott (San Josef Bay)
Hiking: Some of the best hiking in the WORLD can be found on Vancouver Island. Various landscapes can include amazing beaches, rainforests and breathtaking mountain peaks. These Top 5 Vancouver Island Hikes are considered some of the best.
Mountain biking and cycling: The rugged landscapes on Vancouver Island make it mountain biking heaven. Trails range from beginner to extreme and everything in between. The Comox Valley offers the largest trail systems on Vancouver Island, this includes the Mount Washington.
Boating near the Broken Island Group

Canoeing/Kayaking/Boating: A jagged, gorgeous coastline rich with an abundance of wildlife and ample opportunities to witness whales and other sea creatures in their natural environment make Vancouver Island a top-notch location for water recreation activities.  
The gorgeous Long Beach
 Beachcombing is a favourite activity for visitors and people who were born and raised on Vancouver Island. With a shoreline of almost 3500kms there are hundreds of beach areas for any occasion, a day trip for a picnic with the family or a marine biology exploration. The Top 10 Beaches on Vancouver Island include Parksville/Qualicum beach and Long Beach in Tofino.         


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