Phillips Brewery: Craft Beer Review

 People love beer. According to Wikipedia it is the world's most widely consumed alcoholic beverage (Third overall after water and tea!). If you haven't had the chance as of yet, I highly suggest checking out some locally produced beer! 

 We'll start with Phillips Brewery which is "proudly brewed in a little brewery at the bottom of a mid-sized island on the left side of a very big country". 2010 Government Street in Victoria is where you can find their brewery. Brewery tours are Wednesday and Thursdays at 4pm (max 10 people) call and reserve a spot! (250-380-1912). It'll cost you $5.60 and will include samples! 

 Matt Phillips racked up credit cards to start his beer brewing company and boy I'm sure glad he did! Phillips started in 2001 and has been gaining momentum ever since. I first tried the Blue Buck Lager a few years ago and I've been trying every Phillips beer I come across ever since! 

 Today we are going to talk about the two most recent beers we tried from the well-known Phillips Brewery. 

The Instigator Doppelbock! This darker winter beer beauty comes in a 650ml bottle and boasts rich darkness, smoothness and slight sweetness. Smells a bit of brown sugar and slight caramel. You'll never go back to Guinness after trying a bottle of the Instigator. Oh yeah did I mention it's a generous 8.5%? This beer is currently my favourite Phillips brew. If you, like me, enjoy a slightly darker richer beer - then definitely give it a try! 

Next up we taste tested the Slipstream Cream Ale. This is a bit darker than the Instigator, but boasts a toasted caramel malt scent with a slight fruity undertone (strawberryish?). 

 This is a phenomenal cream ale. You can actually taste nutty creaminess. Initially I found the flavour to be quite almondy, but as I continued it seemed to become more chocolately. This is a malty beer with a barely noticeable hop flavour to it (I'm not a hoppy beer fan)

Now the question remains, would I drink either of these beers again? Yes. If I had to choose a favourite it would be the Instigator! I just love the deep dark flavour, with a hint of sweetness.

Regardless, big kudos to Phillips Brewing Company for brewing some great beers! 

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