Top 5 Oldest Buildings

 I've always been fascinated by history, especially Vancouver Island history - so I decided to compile this list of the oldest buildings on Vancouver Island. Most of them are in Victoria, which isn't surprising considering the rich and abundant history there. 
Photo from the Nanaimo Museum Website

 5. The Bastion, Nanaimo (1853) - This was built by the huge Hudson's Bay Company to defend it's coal mining operation. It is easily Nanaimo's most recognizable landmark. Located at 98 Front Street.

4. Craigflower Manor, Victoria (1853) - Also has ties with the Hudson's Bay Company, this was one of Vancouver Island's first farming communities after being purchased from the Kosapsom people who lived in the area for millenia. 1801 Admirals Road

3. Helmcken House, Victoria (1852) - Yet another building with close ties to the HBC. Helmcken House was built by Dr. John Sebastian, a surgeon. He was the first doctor in Victoria. 675 Belleville St. 

2. Tod House, Oak Bay (1851) - Originally the home of John Tod one of the first first appointed members of BC's Legislative Council. Notably the longest continuously occupied residence in western Canada. 2564 Heron Street

1. St. Ann’s schoolhouse, Victoria (1844) -  Jacques Lequechier of the Hudson's Bay Company built the school, which was later purchased by by Roman Catholic Bishop Modeste Demers. It was to act as a nuns residence and local schoolhouse. 675 Belleville Street Victoria


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