Restaurant Review(12): The Four Mile House(Victoria)

The Four Mile House has been serving Vancouver Island locals and travellers amazing food and drink for over 100 years now. Located in a 150 year old tudor style building just outside of the beautiful city of Victoria. It boasts the charm of an olde English Inn.

 You have many dining options when it comes to The Four Mile. There is an English style pub side offering upscale pub food which combines old world charm with a West Coast influence. The pub also offers 18 beers on tap (many of them local, including Phillips), as well as an extensive wine and scotch list. There is also a year round patio with a lovely fireplace! 

 The best way to start off at a local pub is with a crisp local beer. Phillips Bluebuck is that beer! You can never go wrong with it. Needless to say, this beer is the perfect start to a delicious local pub meal. Wings and prawns were on special for 35 cents a piece so we decided to try some basic hot wings and prawns. Along with a loaded chicken quesadilla (chicken, spinach, mushrooms, feta, peppers & onions - complete with cheddar and mozza) complete with yam fries and it was a great 'ol pub grub meal. The service we received was excellent, our waitress was attentive, friendly and charming.

 While waiting for our food I read up on the history of the 4th oldest house in the Victoria area.  It opened up in the 1940s as a dine-and-dance place under the banner of the Lantern Inn - the coziest cabaret on the coast. The upstairs contained a notorious brothel that was frequented by sailors until it was raided and shut down by local police. It stood neglected until 1979 when it was bought by it's present owners. 

 It has also been claimed by staff there may be some spirit presence at the Four Mile. The waitress I spoke to hadn't heard anything herself but I could definitely see the potential for ghostly presence in such an old historic building. 

 Needless to say I would definitely come back for more food and drink! 

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They are located at 199 Island Hwy, Victoria. Open 11am-12pm daily.   

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