Nori Japanese Restaurant (Nanaimo)

The Island Fever Roll (top) & the Strawberry Crunch Roll

 I LOVE sushi. Yes I do. Seafood rolls, tempura rolls, veggie rolls, inside out rolls, cones, nigiri or maki - I love it all. It's time to talk about the highly acclaimed Nori Japanese Restaurant. This sophisticated japanese restaurant boasts the best sushi in town!

 As soon as you enter the doors of Nori, you are immediately greeted by the chefs - who are very warm and friendly. You have the option of sitting at a table or sitting up at the sushi bar and interacting with the chefs, either way you are in for a treat. I have never had bad service at Nori and always appreciate the complimentary dishes the chefs usually send out. 

A Spicy Miso Soup
 I always start out with a miso soup. If you dig miso soup and can handle some spice, try the Spicy Miso Soup ($2) - rich flavour, abundant stock and perfect spicyness for the heat lover. 

Kanisake Tempure (Crab & Salmon)
    We also tried the Kanisake Tempura ($5.99) which was salmon and crab tempura drizzled with a delicable sweet soy sauce. 

Of course we had to order a couple rolls to complete the meal, finally deciding on a couple of special maki rolls; the Island Fever Roll ($10.99) and the Strawberry Crunch Roll ($12.99).

Everything arrived in a timely manner, even though it was 6pm and the place was stuffed like a can of sardines. The staff has always been efficient and friendly - as well as very attentive.

The Island Fever Roll is probably my favourite roll so far (haven't tried the whole menu, yet) it is topped with seared tuna, masago (eggs) and smoked salmon. The inside contains tempura spicy prawn and avocado. Fresh, delicious and flavourful - heck you don't even need soy sauce for this one! I love to taste the combination of flavours so I usually opted out of using soy sauce anyways.

Island Fever Roll in all it's glory
  Next up was the Strawberry Crunch Roll, a panko breaded crab roll that looks absolutely scrumptious. Topped with strawberries and scallions and drizzled with a honey mustard and unagi sauce - this roll had an amazing texture on the pallate with the crunch of the panko and the sweetness of the sauce and strawberries. A fantastic concoction that will please even the first time sushi eater. No overpowering flavours here, just straight up sweet crunch! 

The glorious Strawberry Crunch Roll
 I have dined at Nori Japanese
more times than I can count and I have always had a great experience. Seems they have all their ducks in a row when it comes to food quality, service, decor/atmosphere and (the most important in my opinion) customer service. They make you feel like they WANT you there and if you like sushi, you DO want to be there! They were voted "Best Japanese Restaurant" in Nanaimo during the 2012 TripAdvisor awards for a reason!

Nori Japanese Restaurant is located at 203-6750 Island Hwy North Nanaimo

You can also check them out on Facebook 

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