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Book Review (Jagged Little Edges - Lorelie Rozzano)

  Jagged Little Edges is the perfect title for this book about the life altering grip of addiction the main character Lyndsey experiences by Lorelie Rozzano .    The story starts with Lyndsey's rough beginning dealing with emotionally absent parents, as well as an abusive alcoholic father. She learns very early on in her life that she really only has herself to depend on in what she experiences as a very tormented and dysfunctional life. While reeling you in early on with sympathy for the main character, this novel does a great job at creating an intense interest in the protagonist's journey (how terrible is it really going to get for this poor girl?).   You follow her slow decline into the pits of addiction, starting with cigarettes and alcohol as well as her abusive and unhealthy relationship at a young age with a man who remains nameless. Lyndsey's self worth declines further and further after she becomes pregnant and gives the baby up for adoption.   This seem

Tofino Fish Guides Promo Video

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Strathcona Provincial Park

Bedwell Lake Trail  When asked to write a little bit of a blurb on the attributes of Strathcona Park, I found myself being quite perplexed, not because I am unfamiliar with the park but simply because I know the park well. Known as the crown jewel of the Province, Strathcona encompasses 250,000 hectres of remote wilderness, it is situated right in our back yard and is easily accessible to all, with some trails even being wheel chair accessible.   Paradise Meadows from Mt Washington may be the most well known access to the park but largely overlooked is the Buttle Lake Corridor, snaking from Campbell River toward Gold River, this access route offers a much broader spectrum of trails and of course the route follows its namesake Buttle Lake which in itself is worth exploring.  If you are the adventurous sort and like to challenge yourself with a serious mountain climb you can start with Crest Mountain, or Kings Peak at 6900 feet and graduate through to Big Interio

From Foraging to Feasting

Press release Tofino, BC From Foraging to Feasting A tasty finish to the Tofino Food and Wine Festival Cooking class, food tastings paired with drink and conversation about a culinary quest with renowned Chef and Award Winning Author Bill Jones from his most recent cookbook: the Deerholme mushroom book  Sunday, June 09, 2013 11am – 2pm & beyond  Bill Jones is a renowned chef and author based on Deerholme Farm in the Cowichan Valley BC. He is a French-trained chef, author of 10 cookbooks and winner of two world cookbook awards. His writing has appeared in numerous publications including the New York Times, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Saveur and Harrowsmith. He is an acknowledged local expert on wild foods and foraging, known for his passion for wild mushrooms and keen respect of First Nations ethnobotany and culture. His consulting company, Magnetic North Cuisine, is active in all areas of local food production, marketing and development. You can vis

Feast of Fields

  FarmFolk CityFolk is a not for profit society that works to cultivate a local, sustainable food system. Their projects provide access to & protection of food lands; support local growers and producers; and engage communities in the celebration of local food. "Something happens to people who plant seeds–it is impossible to watch a plant grow and flourish without getting a sense of the miracle of all life." -Herb Barbolet, Co-founder of FarmFolk CityFolk Tickets to the wonderful Feast Of Fields event went on sale June 1st. Events take place in Metro Vancouver, the Okanagan and on Vancouver Island. Feast of Fields is a 4 hour wandering harvest festival and a fundraising event. With a napkin in one hand and a wine glass in the other, you peruse the best of the best of BC from chefs, farmers, fishers, ranchers, wine-makers, brewers and other local producers. This event aims to highlight the connections between farmer and chef, field and table and farm f