Victoria Adoptables Dog Rescue

Upon deciding we wanted to add a dog to our small family, it was a no-brainer for me to start perusing the Victoria Adoptables website for a suitable canine. We wanted a dog under 15 lbs, active enough to run and hike with us. I immediately came across Lisa, an assumed chihuahua dachshund cross with a very timid personality. The process was relatively simple, I had been following the Victoria Adoptables Facebook Page for quite sometime and filled out an application form which is located underneath every adoptable on their website. It's important to read their Adoption Info prior to filling out an application for adoption. They do not adopt out to families with children younger than 6, puppies and dogs up to 1 year are $450 and adult dogs are $350. This includes first vet exam, 2 de-flea and de-worm, first and second vaccinations, spay/neuter, and microchip for identification. 

Photo of Lisa (front) from Victoria Adoptables site
They require ample and complete information on the application form. You will be asked about your living arrangements, other pets in the home, your thoughts on how often a dog should be walked and how you would deal with issues that may arise (digging, whining, aggressiveness, barking etc). I filled out the application and got an e-mail back a few hours later asking if we would like to meet Lisa and if we had any questions. After some e-mails back and forth and getting the questions answered that we needed we agreed to meet up with Lisa and her foster mom. Upon meeting we could have a 2 week trial with her. We arrived prepared to take her for trial. Lisa was a lovely little dog with kind eyes and a warm spirit. We took her home that day and she has been a great addition to our family. I mailed the cheque to Victoria Adoptables and they mailed me all her info, including microchip information. It was a straight forward process and I couldn't imagine getting a dog any other way (my motto is ADOPT, Don't Shop) there are lots of wonderful rescue dogs just waiting for their forever homes! 

Lisa cozied up in her bed, smiling away.


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