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YouTube Videos of the week

The Blizzard of '96 Victoria B.C

  Where were you for the blizzard that walloped Vancouver Island in the winter 1996?   

Deer Fight in Nanaimo

  Black tailed deer are a common sight in the suburbs of North Nanaimo, resident Michael Scott recently caught these two bucks fighting and caught the action in the middle of the day.   p.s a male deer is a "buck" not a bull :P

Dolphin "super pod" delights BC Ferries passengers

 Passengers on a BC Ferries trip between Galiano Island and Tsawwassen in the Strait of Georgina got a rare sighting of a super sized pod of Pacific White sided dolphins. Amazing!

Photo of the day: Mount Washington

      It's almost that time of year again! These awesome photos of Mount Washington in the Comox Valley were taken on Nov.1st by Morgan Mckenzie . The lifts will start running Dec.6th at 9am!