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Jayden Holman

A young Vancouver Island musicianwith amazing raw talent, Jayden Holman won the PNE Star Showdown in 2012 and we were lucky enough to catch a show at Simon Holt recently. Jayden has great stage presence and it was a pleasure seeing a very gifted Nanaimo musician show off his singing and guitar playing skills!

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San Josef Bay

This beautiful pristine beach is located in the Cape Scott Provincial Park via a gravel road from Port Hardy. This park is at the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island.San Josef Bay is only one of the amazing beaches in the park, there are actually about 30 kms of remote beaches!

Prawning in Nanaimo

Since prawning is open year round (in most areas always check the BC Sport Fishing Guide to learn of possible closures in your area)my dad and I decided to brave the unpredictable winter weather and head out just off of Neck Point Park to drop some prawn traps. 

 There are actually 6 species of shrimp/prawns that thrive off the British Columbia coast, but we were after the largest of the species; the local spot prawn. Large females can exceed 23 cm in total length! You can tell a spot prawn by 3 distinct white horizontal bars on their head area and two white spots on their first and fifth abdominal segment. Prawns are male in their second and third year, then becomes female in the third or fourth year, eggs can be found on the underside of their abdomen Oct - March. For conservation purposes it is suggested that these egg bearing prawns be returned to the ocean.

You can catch prawns via traps, ring nets or spear while diving. The daily limit for prawns is 200. You must obtain a licence

To all Mount Washington Season Passholders

To all Mount Washington Season Passholders,
 Believe us when we say we understand how frustrating the start of this season has been. We appreciate your business, your patience and your loyalty to Mount Washington Alpine Resort. We are happy to provide you with this opportunity to get on some snow before it arrives in earnest on Vancouver Island.

 Here are the details you will need to know before skiing and boarding for free from January 6-31, 2014 on Whistler Blackcomb:

Applies to 2013-14 Mount Washington Gold, Alpine, Midweek and Student seasons passes only Midweek passholders get the deal from January 6 - 31, weekends included Does not apply to Mount Washington Volunteer or Staff passesDeal does not apply to pre-purchased 6Paks, multi or single day tickets
All eligible Mount Washington passholders are entitiled to receive one Whistler Blackcomb day ticket per person when they show up at a Whistler Blackcomb ticket location b…

Vancouver Island woman on shortlist to go to Mars and never come back

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Now this is a story that's out of this world hahaha!