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Photo of the day (Long Lake Sunrise - Nanaimo)

The lovely Becky Knight (@bmeckie) caught this gorgeous sunrise over Long Lake, complete with the little ducks and still fresh snow coat, this "sunrise after the storm" photo really captures the essence of the storm that walloped Nanaimo over the last few days.

Mo:Le Restaurant, Victoria

Straight from their website:
"Made with Love... Born of a longtime frienship, and a desire to serve excellent food to friends, foodies, hipsters, families, retirees and everyone in between, Mo:Lé Restaurant has grown from a simple eatery into an institution in just a few years.

When seasonally possible we source from local and organic farms, Mo:Lé serves creative and lovingly prepared food, made for all tastes and eating philosophies (vegans and raw foodies included)"

When a friend from Vancouver suggested we try this place, we jumped at the chance to try this delicious looking local restaurant located on Pandora in downtown Victoria. The All-Day breakfast restaurants always appeal to me, since I believe breakfast is obviously the best meal of the day! 

 I started out with the obvious, a Super Caesar traditionally made with added zing including horseradish and lime. Garnished with all sorts of pickled heaven.

This was a phenomenal caesar. Perfectly garnished with the most P…

Brown's Socialhouse - Nanaimo North

We visited Brown's Socialhouse Nanaimo Northon the weekend for a birthday. A local restaurant is usually my first choice, but let me tell you why I would recommend Brown's. 

 The customer service at this restaurant is fantastic. Phenomenal customer service is hard to come by but it seems this restaurant chain has it figured out. We tried the Tahitian Tuna Salad with lemon grass encrusted albacore tuna, wasabi mayo and cilantro ginger vinaigrette. This salad was amazing. A must try. 

 Upon finishing up and attempting to use our recently gifted gift card for Brown's, their system read a $12 balance on the card. This card should have had $100. Now at this point I was prepared to just pay, as it may have been an issue on the vendor side from where it was bought (not really the restaurants problem). But then the waitress came back and told us the manager was going to cover the outstanding bill and apologized for the issue. Wow, he really didn't need to do that but we were ve…

Vancouver Island Photographer Randy Hall

Randy Hall is a Vancouver Island photographer specializing in nature photography, whether it is capturing natural settings such as seascapes or forest landscapes or the plants and animals that inhabit this part of British Columbia. He considers himself a landscape photographer first, but also an opportunistic wildlife photographer. “My photos are my interpretation of works by a true master… Mother Nature”.

Randy has developed a style that shows enhanced colours and contrast. When many people think of contrast, they think colours and tones. There can also be contrast in content. An example of this can be seen in some of Randy’s early morning images of Parksville Bay. Towering or threatening clouds can instill the feeling of unrest, while the calm waters of the bay say serenity. “It’s this type of scene, and the incorporation of weather, that interests me the most”.

Randy attributes much of his success to his friendship with local professional, Craig Carmichael and …

Orcas hunting a pod of dolphins in Departure Bay (Nanaimo)

This is a pod of Biggs killer whales which typically feed on other mammals (rather than the resident orcas that mainly feed on fish) chasing a pod of white-sided dolphins. 

Warning, the CTV link I've included may not be suitable for some people.

CTV Story

Photo of the day

The quality of "Art" that is seen in most galleries on Vancouver Island is outstanding!       Vase by Ted Jolda as seen at Oceanside Village Artists' Gallery in Parksville. Submitted by Dee Aguilar, Owner of the gallery and image.

Brew pubs in Victoria