Photo of the day

The quality of "Art" that is seen in most galleries on Vancouver Island is outstanding!
      Vase by Ted Jolda as seen at Oceanside Village Artists' Gallery in Parksville. Submitted by Dee Aguilar, Owner of the gallery and image.


Dee Aguialr said…
Thank you so much for showing what makes Vancouver Island special!
Ted Jolda would famous glass blower, even Oprah Winfrey knows Ted Jolda!
Along many presidents, Prime Ministers, even the Pope has an original Ted Jolda! But don't be fooled Ted is also known for giving back to his community, every December Ted takes his kids and decorates with his ornaments to found all over Oceanside Area! How cool is that ....
s. said…
Wow that's pretty impressive Ted Jolda! Such great talent we have here on Vancouver Island!
Linda Tenney said…
I've always loved Ted's work ... all of it!

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