Ferris' Oyster Bar (Victoria)

 Ferris' is actually comprised of two restaurants, known as the "Upstairs" (Oyster Bar) and the "Downstairs" (The Grill). 
Me in front of a glorious fresh shucked oyster plate

 It was an easy decision to visit the Oyster Bar on this particular evening, since my partner and I LOVE fresh shucked oysters. The Oyster Bar is an extension of the downstairs grill, with a more upscale menu. It had a classic lounge ambience. Reservations are a must on the weekends, I called 5 hours ahead and was told they were full for the evening but we managed to sneak in around 7 and luckily they had a cancellation. Success. 
The Seafood Caesar

 We wasted no time ordering what I may have to call the best caesar cocktail I have ever had. Complete with Russian standard vodka, a fresh shucked oyster, marinated mussel & clamato juice with spicy pickled green bean, piparra & fresh horseradish. The Seafood Caesar Cocktail ($12) is tops as fair as caesars go. It was everything I had anticipated. Caesar heaven. A must try if you like caesar cocktails and seafood! 

Next up we just had to sample the fresh shucked oysters. We ordered a dozen ($25) assorted local BC oysters. 3 different varieties. Complete with a sherry mignonette and fresh horseradish. Delish.

Fresh shucked oysters (3 varieties)
We must have been in the mood for oysters because we proceeded to order the tantalizing bacon wrapped smoked oysters (who doesn't like smoked oysters!?) which were delicious as they sound and definitely didn't disappoint! 

Bacon wrapped smoked oysters
We were extremely impressed with everything Ferris' Oyster Bar had to offer, the drinks and the food were equally dynamite and I am still dreaming about that Seafood Caesar. 

Ferris' can be found at 536 Yates Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1K8


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