Nanaimo River

My favourite swimming hole
 As the summer heats up many local Nanaimoites adventure out to Nanaimo river to cool off. Considered one of the best steelhead rivers in the country, it is also a plethora of amazing swimming holes. Some are easy to find and can become quite busy on the sunny hot days, some take a bit of hiking to access but on thing is for sure - it's the best swimming Nanaimo has. 
Lisa finding some shade on the banks of the river from the hot sun

  In 2000 The Land Conservancy of Canada acquired a 56 hectare property near the Nanaimo Airport. This park is one of the few remaining natural forests along the lower portion of Nanaimo River. A developed trail network provides the outdoor enthusiast plenty of space to walk, run, cycle and swim.

There are a ton of family friendly spots, including near the Bungy Zone or in Cedar near the fire station where the water tends to be calmer. The "trestle" (up Nanaimo River Rd) tends to be more young adult orientated as well as "Yellow Gate" (the gate is actually red now) these spots used to be less busy but have become quite crowded as more people discover these gems. 

 Always use caution when swimming in the river, it usually claims one life every summer due to people underestimating the currents, slippery rocks and rock jumping. One area of the river called the "Gun Barrel" is considered the most dangerous part. It even has warning signs to deter people. 


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