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Vancouver Island Expeditions Adventure - Unsworth Vineyards & Merridale Cidery (Part 2)

After our wonderful visit to the Teafarm, Leif explained that we would now visit our first winery of the journey! Unsworth Vineyards was a short but scenic drive through the lush green farm landof the Cowichan Valley.

 The sun had decided to come out in full force the moment we pulled up to the absolutely gorgeous grounds of the vineyard. We couldn't have asked for a better day to do a Cowichan Valley Wine Tour.

Prior to doing a tasting of the wine varieties, we took a short self-guided tour. We looked in awe over the 12 acres of grape varieties. The Mediterranean-like microclimate makes the grapes very happy (and wine lovers!). Leif had a plethora of wine knowledge and we chatted about the processes that were used to make the different types of wine. 

 Then it was time to try out the delicious Cowichan Valley produced wines!

The first two were whites, the Cuvée L'ileand the Allegro 2012. Both delicious and crisp but I preferred the Cuvée for the apple tones.

Next up was the Sy…

Vancouver Island Expeditions Adventure - Teafarm (Part 1)

With a catchphrase like "Discover places that inspire stories" I had high expectations for the 1 day A Taste of the Cowichan Valley wine tour. We met the owner Leif at 9am in the parking lot next to the Bastion (98 Front St) in Nanaimo. The day was crisp but sunny, a perfect autumn day to explore the beautiful Cowichan Valley.

 The Cowichan Valley has become an attractive location for food and wine enthusiasts with warm, dry summers and very moderate winters. This combination makes for an ideal growing condition for many varieties of grapes as well as other fruits and vegetables. This part of Vancouver Island also has the most sunny days compared to anywhere else in Canada! 

  After a lovely 45 minute journey from Nanaimo in a beautiful Mercedes 12 passenger Sprinter van we arrived at our first destination, the Teafarm

 Teafarm owners Margit and Victor planted their tea plants in May of 2010, since tea plants usually mature for harvest at around 5 years old - they are very cl…