Hole-In-The-Wall (Port Alberni)

 This small but fascinating waterfall known as "Hole-In-The-Wall" looks exactly like it's name - the man-made hole was blasted through a wall of volcanic shale, serving as a direct route for the town of Port Alberni's water reservoir. 

 The trail head is not particularly difficult to find, as you enter Port Alberni at the bottom of of the hump on Highway 4 you will see Coombs Country Candy on the right. You can either park here and go across the highway or pull around and head south again and pull into the very small pull-out (room for 2-3 vehicles max). The trail is very well marked with some homemade signage (thank you to whomever made these!) The walk takes about 10 minutes to reach the falls.
These signs continue down the trail leading right to the falls.
  If you continue walking right passed the falls you will reach an opening on Roger Creek with a plethora of inukshuks. It's a nice moderate walk down to the falls with a few slippery spots if you're in the rainy season. Worth checking out. Happy exploring :)


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