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Gabriel's Gourmet Cafe (Nanaimo)

  Gabriel's Gourmet Cafe has become a favourite in downtown Nanaimo. They pride themselves on being as much farm to fork as possible;   "SMALL FARMS RAISE ANIMALS THAT ENJOY A MUCH HIGHER QUALITY OF LIFE THAN FACTORY FARMS. WHEN RAISED ON AN OPEN PASTURE ANIMALS ARE ABLE TO CARRY OUT THEIR NATURAL BEHAVIOURS LIKE FORAGE FOR FOOD, AND ENJOY A LESS CROWDED, LESS STRESSFUL ENVIRONMENT COMPARED TO DENSE FEEDLOTS. THE MORE NATURAL THE ENVIRONMENT FOR THE ANIMALS, THE HEALTHIER THEY ARE, AND THE MORE NUTRITIOUS THE MEAT AND EGGS THEY PRODUCE" - from website  I like this. I support this and wish more restaurants would embrace this mentality. Gabriel's always seems to be busy, which is a usually a sign they make some good food. The no.10 Lemongrass beef sandwich with sriracha bbq sauce and pickled veggies! Gabriel's is counter service, you go up and order and then they bring you your order to the table. Service is always amazing. Quick and pleasant, we'v