Invermere Beach (Dog off-leash area) - Nanaimo

Lisa running full speed in the sand!
 Acquired in 1951, this park is located at the very end of Invermere Rd in North Nanaimo (off Dover Rd)
  It's super easy to find, just follow Invermere Rd all the way to the bottom, where you will find a few parking spots and a sign indicating the beginning of the trail. You follow the stairs to the bottom and come out at gorgeous Invermere Beach. These stairs are quite steep, if you have mobility issues it may be unpleasant.
The beach facing North
 The park is open 6am - 11pm. This is an open beach off-leash park so there is no fencing. There are a few fresh water streams running into the ocean but these are not always guaranteed. Pick-up bags are located at the trail head as well as a garbage can for disposable (Please pick-up after your furry friend!)

 The beach is mixed pebbles/rocks and open sand, be sure to check the local tides as it is much more fun for the dogs if you go at low tide! 

 This beach is great for letting the dogs run in open space, they love the sand and all the awesome ocean smells (beware of things to roll in UGH)! Most importantly be courteous to other park goers and people and keep control of your dog at all times OH and have fun! 

My cute little rescue dogs (Sidney & Lisa) enjoying the beach life!


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